There is nothing new about the concept of prevention being better than cure.But what if there is no cure on what has already occurred, and prevention is your only option. This applies to consistent fire problems including those destructive wildfires in which damage to people, environment and economy is insurmountable and irreversible. One of the best ways to prevent fire is through fire mitigation.

What is Fire Mitigation?

Fire mitigation is a series of steps that can help reduce the risk of a wildfire consuming your property. The main purpose of fire mitigation is to take away the potential fuels around your property that could create a higher risk of exposure and heat if a wildfire occurs. Fuel for a fire includes anything that burns and combustible that will help fire to grow, how and where you store your materials, as well as the brush and grass around your property, and considering the health of your trees to determine the need for trimming or removal in order for you to create a defensible space.

What is Defensible Space?

In general, the term defensible space is an environment whose physical characteristics, lay-out and site plan function to become a key agent in ensuring the security of fire risks. It is a very important component in protecting your home and properties. This area is cleared and reduced so the fire can only gradually and in slow pace. When the worst happens, it allows firefighters to have an area where they can safely fight the fire and help protect your home and the community.

Put Safety To Top Priority!

We cannot predict when or where the next fire will occur but being prepared is very critical. We should not disregard safety and should do our best to reduce the fire risk. To help assess your property and clear out risks, it is highly recommended to seek  professionals and services which offer fire mitigation measures the soonest.

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