Maintaining a clean and beautiful property occasionally requires the removal of a tree. Prior to doing so, however, you need the guarantee that you have the knowledge and means for the activity in the safest way possible. Though cutting your own tree is doable, it is highly discouraged because it poses major hazards that may result in costly damage and serious injury to property and oneself. However, following proper techniques and observing safety precautions may help lessen the risk when planning on cutting down your own tree.


When you plan to cut down a tree, it often necessitates the need to remove the branches first. That alone possesses the most obvious danger when working at heights —falling. When you cut branches and use a ladder, secure stability by tying it to the tree you are working before bringing up tools or commencing work. Always wear a fall-arrest harness and attach it to a thick healthy branch if you are working high enough that an accidental fall to the ground could harm you. 

Accidental Strike

 While removing branches before eventually cutting down the tree, you are in risk of being hit by either. To eliminate the risk, have a helper assist you in bringing branches safely to the ground and as much as possible, clear all the branches from the ground level. In felling down a tree, do a horizontal cut parallel to the ground about a third of the trunk and then a downward 60 degree angle to meet the inward end of the cut, creating a wedge. This will secure that the tree falls in the direction of the wedge when cut from the other side.

Working Near Powerlines

Working near a powerline is the most dangerous situation when cutting down a tree. Homeowners attempting their own tree removal project face the trouble of hitting the power line and knocking out the power in the entire neighborhood, worst, it could electrocute you if you, your tools and the tree you are working hits the power line. This puts the highest risk in cutting down trees and is highly recommended to call a certified professional for the job. To further reduce the risk, contact your local power company and request a temporary shut-off during the activity.

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