Stump Grinding

stump to be removed by panama tree professionals

There are many parts to a tree. There are its leaves, its branches, its trunk and its roots. When a tree has been removed, sometimes there is a bit of it left behind. This piece can be the stump. A stump is made up of a piece of trunk, the lowest piece to the ground and the roots in the ground. A stump can be in a yard and not cause a worry. However there are many instances where a stump is a problem because it interferes with proper grooming of the yard and or becomes a troublesome trip hazards for the family and or guests.

Preemptive Action

When you have a stump in your yard it can easily be overgrown with grass and go unseen until someone hurts himself or herself on it. If the person that hurts him or herself is not you, it is possible that you could be facing a lawsuit. The best way to deal with a stump is to get rid of it. Leaving a stump lying around your yard leaves you vulnerable to possible lawsuits and being sued. Once your stump is gone you do not have this worry. All you have to do is get the stump taken care of and fill the empty space it left behind. This ensures that you will not be sued for someone tripping on your stump.

Stump Hazard

Despite lawsuits, a stump can be just a plain hazard. It is easy for family member playing in the yard to forget the stump is there and trip over it when running after a ball, or playing tag. There is also the hazard of a lawnmower accidentally going over the stump and the lawnmower being damaged. The fact that a stump is the leftover of a tree doesn’t make it any gentler than a rock. Tripping over a stump can cause injuries and hurt. It also can really damage a lawnmower or other lawn equipment. For the safety of your family removing the stump in its entirety is your best option.

Safety First

Removing a stump is not as easy as it seems like it would be.  This is why it is important to hire professionals with professional safety equipment and professional grinding equipment.  When you need the remaining of your tree removed there is no other tree removal service in Panama City and the Bay County area that knows how to do it better. We always take safety first and work from there. That means when your stump is removed, and also during the removal you will have nothing to worry about because we do all the worrying for you. 


There is more than one grinder to grind stumps.  This is important because there is more than one size of stump. Stump grinding should never be attempted by anyone other than a professional like the professional contractors we have working for us.  A good sign that someone is under qualified is not having the correct equipment. We know that a hand held grinder works wonderfully for stumps that are not that big. It grinds them up with no problem and it is very easy to move from one place to the next. It grinds small to medium stumps. For larger stumps and taking out their roots one must use a larger stump grinder. Our tree specialists specialize in storm damage also.

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