​Storm Damage

fallen tree because of storm to be removed by panama tree removal company

We need storms and we all need fluctuating weather otherwise the sun would get boring. Rain gives life and wind shakes things up. Sometimes when a storm is too strong it has devastating effects. Trees are one of the more vulnerable things that can cause a lot of damage when lifted or broken in a storm. Storm debris and fallen trees are not only messy but they are also a safety risk. Part of our service as a Full Tree Service company in Panama City and the Bay County area is to assist in proper storm damage.

Storm Tree Crush

A thing of nature we all admire trees as a sedentary part of the landscape. They are beautiful and tall and provide us with much needed things like shade, for some animals shelter, and for all of us extra oxygen.   Although most trees are very strong storms can be just as strong or more. When a storm knocks a tree down and it crushes something like a car, or a window, the tree has basically become a weapon. The older the tree the larger it is and the harder it will fall. That is why we as tree specialists specialize in storm damage. There is no one better equipped than us to get rid of fallen trees that are crushing things and causing problems.

Tree Down

Sometimes a storm doesn’t necessarily turn a tree into a crushing hammer. It just knocks them down so they are in our way. Sometimes they are in our yard or blocking our driveway. Other times they are across the highway and blocking major traffic. Again when this happens you want a fast speedy response team of tree removers and that would be us.  Here in Panama City and the Bay County Area of Florida we are the fastest response team of tree removers. When you have a tree down we can help get that tree out, moved and chopped up if need be.

The Next Most Dangerous Thing

After a storm, a clean up will always be needed. When debris has been tossed around it poses a threat to normalcy because it interferes with everyday scheduling. When you need to get things tidier it is important that storm debris is properly taken care of. Sometimes a tree is damaged and it isn’t seen right away because people are paying attention to tress have been knocked over. This tree is very dangerous. It could have compromised branches that are going to crash down at any unpredictable moment. This is when you really need a storm damage team to come in and assess a property. Otherwise it is like the storm left in its wake a series of dangerous bombs.

We Know Trees

Our background is rich in tree knowledge. We are environmentalists who have always loved trees and our arborist education interweaves throughout the companies policies. It is our background in engineering that helps assess the direction a tree might fall in. It is our arborists and horticulture experience that assists in figuring out the weight and age of trees and how safe or unsafe they are. Our years of tree removal combine all this knowledge and with every hour on the job we are always learning more. Storm damage can be a tough part of the job because no one likes to see destruction but we are grateful to be part of your clean up.

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